PureServ is our certified service organization. Dedicated and certified marine engineers and naval architects are at the core of our Service Team. They have received extensive training to assist shipowners in safeguarding continuous operation, reliability, and MARPOL compliance of their scrubber systems. This entails expert support and guidance for all Scrubber Systems on-site or via the safe PureteQ remote system, depending on the ship’s conditions and the client’s requirements.

The PureteQ Service Engineer will assist the crew with regards to ship maintenance activities, calibration and validation of sensors as required. Regardless of the geographical location of the ship, our Service Engineers can support your ship crew on-site. Our Service Engineers can quickly dispatch from Europe or Asia, ready to support the crew as well as conduct crew training.

PureteQ offers a fair-priced Service Agreement designed to meet shipowner’s specific needs based on the ship’s operational pattern and qualification of crew. All clients with a PureteQ Service Agreement have a designated Service Engineer and according to agreement you only pay for what you get.

Due to our in-depth knowledge and expertise within Exhaust Gas Cleaning, we also provide service and support to other brands of scrubber systems. Please contact PureteQ for further information.




The in-house developed scrubber control system features complete remote and secure accessibility, enabling PureteQ Service Engineers to access and assist crews anywhere, anytime. The control system logs hundreds of datasets every second to ensure energy efficiency while minimizing the carbon footprint.

We believe in the value of making good use of digitalization for our clients who require safe, reliable, and fast support at a fair price. After all, remote support of the ship crew is both cheaper and faster than waiting for on-site service from a Service Engineer.

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Remote access allows our Service Engineers to perform system upgrades and data monitoring as well as assist your crew with online troubleshooting – effectively and cost efficient. Not only errors pertaining the scrubber system and the parts that PureteQ delivers but include the entire integration of the system. Remote access enables PureteQ Engineers to assist crews in trouble shooting and replacement of parts as well as data mining to predict the need for maintenance activity, thus reducing the operating exepnditure (OPEX) on the system.

Our windows-based Human Machine Interface (HMI) can be operated in manual mode or in fully automatic mode according to our client’s preferences and crew skills.

Today, our Service Engineers are supporting ship crews through remote access across the world with e.g. flag state reporting, maintenance, replacement of parts, analysis, and troubleshooting. We have proven the reliability and safety of conducting remote support to clients with reliable internet connections.



A PureteQ Service Agreement is designed to meet shipowner’s specific needs based on the ship’s operational pattern and crew proficiency level. While most shipowners prefer predictive and condition-based maintenance to minimize the cost, we offer a tailor-made Service Agreement based on the actual conditions. You only pay for what you get.

The PureteQ Service Agreement normally includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • One or more visits to the ship by a PureteQ Service Engineer depending on the ship crew’s actual proficiency level. The PureteQ Service Engineer will assist the crew with regards to ship maintenance activities, calibration, and validation of sensors
  • Certified service of Gas Analyzer and Water Monitoring System
  • Refresher training of the ship’s crew
  • Supply of spare parts for the scrubber system worldwide at a fair price
  • Access to our safety stock – critical spares will be shipped within 24 hours
  • Manuals and videos to support maintenance and operation activities for the crew
  • Discounted rates for software updates
  • For PureteQ Scrubber Systems with internet connection:
    • online operational guidance for the crew
    • online guidance for the replacement of spare parts
    • online monitoring of the scrubber system to safeguard MARPOL performance
  • Service letters to ensure knowledge sharing across ships and systems
  • Single point of contact
  • Flag State reporting
  • 24h hotline service

We continuously improve our scrubber system to include further digitalization and optimization of OPEX. In Q1 2020, we rolled out new improved software to all ships encompassing voyage mode for energy optimization as well as automated functionality on VGP compliance of wash water. Soon, flag state reporting and reporting to the US Coast Guard will be integrated in the scrubber control system to ease the work for the crew.

When entering a PureteQ Service Agreement, the newest features will be offered at a discounted and fair price.


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