Innovation is in our DNA


An innovative mindset enables us to continually improve our patented scrubber system to maintain superior performance and reliability, and ease instalment and operational features.

With its hydrodynamic fluid distribution system, the PureteQ Maritime Scrubber outperforms most traditional scrubber systems in terms of safety features, weight and energy efficiency.

Starting as a developing company, continuous improvement and innovation are the DNA of PureteQ – it is who we are. This mindset has led to several improvements of our scrubber system, as we always seek new, better and more cost-efficient ways of doing things.

Innovation not only applies to our maritime scrubber but also to our project execution. PureteQ has created efficient tools to enhance rewarding collaboration between all stakeholders in scrubber projects.

One of these tools is a state-of-the-art project management system enabling PureteQ to monitor progress and the current state of all documents to keep the project on track to minimize the off-hire period.

We are constantly surveying the market for promising new technologies and are testing them directly on ships in operation or in our testing facilities.